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澳大利亚优雅而细心的幼儿园innauer matt’s kindergarten

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#优雅的幼儿园设计 #国外幼儿园设计 #不一样的幼儿园设计


幼儿园的玩具和书籍之类的已经是色彩斑斓,所以几次环境不需要再充满色彩或者造型。 干净的室内设计能让小孩从小养成整洁干净的习惯。

with the new engelbach kindergarten, innauer matt architekten introduces a unique and design-minded space for children. sited in lustenau, austria, the project is expressed with a warm timber material palette and delicate, perforated facade — combining the spirit of its context with a contemporary architectural language. the exterior space plays an important role. a large yard, together with its playground, is thoughtfully landscaped to encourage children and families to spent time outdoors. facing the grindel canal, the kindergarten offers children and residents of the area a place which echoes the atmosphere of the countryside.