• Project Management and Realization 项目管理和落地

    We will privide resources to realize the project for you.


  • International design party with localization execution 国际设计创意方与本地执行结合

    Logo & Branding, Website and APP, Digital and Industrial Products, Exhibition & Interior, Marketing Material, Artists and Photographers, etc. 代理顾问各种创意项目, 品牌设计,网站和APP, 数字和工业产品,展览和各种空间,市场宣传材料,匹配最合适的设计师,艺术家,设计师和项目管理

What we do? We do project consulting, project agenting, project managment.



Based on each project , we can draw a plan for design and execute your project.


AGENTING 代理服务 –Connect creative parties with Clients and Establish Partnership 建立关系和促进合作

Based on each project , we can set up the connections and establish partnerships between creative parties and clients


If you have a project or a case needs to be agented, please contact us to discuss:

如果贵单位有项目需要代理, 请联系我们讨论

Our usual agenting case examples are:

matching international design parties for client’s project(Graphic, interior, product, UX, architecture, fashion etc);

matching international artists for client’s project(painters, photographers, film maker, performers etc);

based a project, connect different parties for partnership;

agenting creative parties’ as asian representative ;

represent other party for a specific project;


为客户的项目匹配国际设计方(比如,平面,室内,产品,UX, 建筑,时尚等等);

为客户的项目提供国际艺术家(比如,画家, 摄影师,视频制作方,表演和乐队等等);




Our project management service can be a full set service from project assignment, project management, and project realization, or a partial service from one of the below.

我们的项目管理服务可以是全套服务从项目委任,项目管理到项目落地, 也可以说其中的一部分服务。

Project assignment 项目委任

The client can assign their projects to us, and we could be in charge of project researching, project planning, being a general contractor for the project, managing of all the involved parties.


Project Management  项目管理

We do project management for all sorts of projects include but not limited to interior, industrial and digital product,event, and exhibition. Our service includes but is not limited to liaisoning among all parties,  sourcing material & finishings, managing all suppliers and vendors, problem-solving, budgeting and cost control, issuing fapiao and handling payments.

我们给各种项目提供项目管理服务,项目包含但不包括室内,工业和数字产品的实现, 活动和展会等。我们的服务所有关系方的联络,采购特殊材料和工艺,管理大小供应商,处理各种突发问题, 预算和成本控制,收付款等

Project realization  项目落地

We do project realization based on the clients’ requirement. When the clients have no time or resources for their project realization, we will realize for them.

我们会根据项目要求做项目落地, 当客户没有时间或者资源来实现他们的项目时, 可以通过我们来实现。

We are a great partner to work with!