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  • International design party with localization execution 国际设计创意方与本地执行结合

    Logo & Branding, Website and APP, Digital and Industrial Products, Exhibition & Interior, Marketing Material, Artists and Photographers, etc. 代理顾问各种创意项目, 品牌设计,网站和APP, 数字和工业产品,展览和各种空间,市场宣传材料,匹配最合适的设计师,艺术家,设计师和项目管理

Contractor in Guangdong 广东的制作施工方, High End 高端, Middle High 中高端, middle low高性价比

specialized on offices construction专业于五百强企业办公室制作

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Construction and quality control ,main clients from world 500 strong outstanding foreign capitals enterprises.

DECO DESIGN & CONSTRUCTING GROUP LTD established in 1993,the headquarters started in Guangzhou,China. Since 1993, the Company has expanded to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Macao, Chengdu; The sole ownership established the wooden furniture factory in 2000,specialized,mechanized production wooden product;

Devotes to commercial type on the office,workshop,store,hotel room designs.Construction and control,main client group for world 500 strong outstanding foreign capitals enterprises.

Our Specialized team, development innovation, humanist has succeeded in Chinese each place completes the hundreds of Decoration project. The professional contingent has covered house decoration on each category. Design data collection and analysis ,spatial planning idea and implementation, Cost control , Necessary family’s private planning and various aspects we can also provide the specialized opinion with the purchase , in design, the construction process we extremely pay great attention to cooperation and coordination. Manufactures from the project preliminary design stage to the intermediate stage and construction stage to project completion, each stage will have the designer, the architect, technical advisor and various types specialist’s entire sentiment participation as well as with client full communication.