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Apple Jingan Store design

Posted: 2024-03-22 at 12:33 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Apple Jing’an store design, interesting curve, classic elegant interior, and well received by locals

 Apple Jing’an, located near Jing’an Temple and Jing’an Park in Shanghai. The store is encircled by an exterior plaza that gives the community a gathering place for special events, as well as providing a one-of-a-kind shopping destination where customers can discover and buy Apple’s unparalleled lineup of products and services.
“We’re thrilled to open Apple Jing’an — a store that seamlessly blends the traditional with the modern and perfectly complements this historic neighborhood in Shanghai,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail. “From our phenomenal iPhone lineup to the new 13- and 15- inch MacBook Air, Apple Jing’an brings all of our products and services together with an amazing team to create a truly magical shopping experience for our customers.”


苹果零售部门高级副总裁迪尔德·奥布莱恩(Deirdre O’Brien)表示:“我们很高兴开设苹果静安店——这是一个完美地将传统与现代融合,并完美地补充了上海这个历史悠久的社区。” “从我们出色的iPhone系列到新的13英寸和15英寸MacBook Air,苹果静安汇集了我们所有的产品和服务,并与一个令人惊叹的团队一起为我们的顾客创造了一个真正神奇的购物体验。”